Fresh Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Mallorca

The fragrance to reminisce on outings in the Mallorca countryside


The fresh Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Mallorca captures the essence of this Mediterranean isle, presenting a classic unisex fragrance, that distinguishes itself from others with a bold and daring twist that lends it its unique personality.


It’s the crisp and lasting memory of a summer afternoon. The echo of laughter, the wind rocking on the waves. A clean, balanced and lasting aroma by which it is easy to identify and that you would want to wear every day.


The invigorating Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Mallorca is also like a caress on the skin, as it is completely free of artificial colouring. Its characteristic yellow tone is due exclusively to the presence of natural essences. It is available in 100ml spray bottles of 100ml, which are polished and screen-printed.

Each bottle of Hierbas de Mallorca Perfumes spreads the joy of living, infusing our olfactory memory with the powerful sensations conjured by one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean.

Despite its limited production, numerous travellers from different nationalities that visit us every year have made it possible for this fresh Eau de Cologne to reach all parts of the world. Those who have succumbed to the charms of the island feel a renewed sense of fulfilment every time they splash on our perfume!

Olfactory notes:

  • Head notes: Bergamot, orange, lemon, coriander
  • Heart notes: Lavender, sage, camomile
  • Base notes: Jasmine, spikenard