a path

… Determined by passion
Letras HM brillando sobre un fondo de hierbas


Were it not for many a seaside sunrise, Hierbas de Mallorca would be different: its uncomplicated and spontaneous personality is owed to both the Mediterranean and a long family tradition in the production of perfumes.


Backed by the success of its creations, this brand of Balearic origin with a vocation to craftsmanship, has moved beyond borders during its voyage of over two decades, transforming itself into an ambassador for Mediterranean culture wherever it may go.

A love for the island, a devotion to all things made with affection, and a respect for nature define a deeply personal way of understanding perfume, backed by a limited production in which each creation takes on its own identity. Paraphrasing our beloved and celebrated Joan Miró, “an object is a living thing”.


Customers of all nationalities discover in our fresh fragrance a modest and evocative aroma that arouses pleasurable and positive emotions. The Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Mallorca is already a classic that, year after year, counts new supporters in its list of steadfast followers.