An exceptional enclave in the Mediterranean
Verdor en los campos labrados de Mallorca, amplia perspectiva del paisaje


… emerges from the waters like a Mediterranean orchard. Here pleasures are infinite, whether sophisticated or charmingly simple… The magic of losing oneself in its paved alleyways of Medieval design. Or finding oneself in the silence of a Renaissance courtyard. Of selecting from Mercat de Santa Catalina the finest fish to lavish on your friends. Of shaking off the crumbs of bread bought from a local village. Of stopping to contemplate the fickle tones of the sunset or the flickering reflection of the salt flats in the sea. 

La costa mallorquina a vista de pájaro, rocas y montes junto al mar
Ventana adornada con flores en maceta, un rincón con encanto de una callejuela mallorquina

Beautiful and cosmopolitan, its capital has recently been elected by The Times as the world’s best city for living, a declaration to which many of our visitors would attest. A young Jorge Luis Borges once described the allure of the island as such:

“Mallorca is a place resembling fortune, in which it is proper to be blessed, it is suitable for a blissful scene, and I, like many islanders and outsiders, have almost never possessed the flow of happiness that one must carry within in order to feel a worthy spectator (and not ashamed) at so much clarity of beauty. I have lived in Mallorca two times and my memory of her is pure and tranquil: some disputatious outfits with friends, an early morning stroll that commenced in Valldemosa and became exhausted in Palma, a golden and rosy child with whom I perhaps fell in love but never told her, a few long days that pooled me in the calculus of the beaches. Now I cease writing and carry on remembering.”

Poem published in the local newspaper El Día (1926)

Centuries of history are palpable in every corner, whereas the Mediterranean defines another way of doing, living and feeling. Placid and inspiring curiosity, and at the same time urban and rural, Mallorca is an artisan that reinterprets tradition with exceptional tenderness, fascinated by its own landscape.


A paradise in which one may still come across solitary inlets where the breeze, both bohemian and perfumed, dances, the same that inspires the Eau de Cologne Hierbas de Mallorca.