Personal Care Collection

Delight in a spa session in your own home
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The new bath and personal care collection consists of Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Each is available in bottles of 350 ml, which don’t harm the environment: made from 100% recycled materials, they are both eco-friendly and comply with the principles of zero waste.

body care

Hierbas de Mallorca Shower Gel:

With the Hierbas de Mallorca shower gel, you can enjoy your daily shower once more! Lightly perfumed with our natural signature fragrances, it is the ideal complement to partner with the Hierbas de Mallorca Eau de Cologne. Delightful for your skin and spirit, it will be your loyal morning accessory to start the day with great optimism.


Hierbas de Mallorca Body Lotion:

Caring for and hydrating your skin is good for your wellbeing, what’s more Hierbas de Mallorca has made it a pleasurable experience. Its perfect absorption leaves no sensation of oil on the skin. This body milk contains beeswax and almond oil, both perfect for radiant skin.

Gel de baño Perfume Hierbas de Mallorca
champu acondicionador hierbas mallorca


Hierbas de Mallorca Shampoo:

This crystalline green shampoo delicately cares for your hair; nourishing it with natural essential oils extracted from bergamot, orange, lemon, sage, lavender, chamomile, coriander, nard and jasmine. Suitable for all types of hair, its easy-rinse lather releases our gentle and fresh herbal fragrance.


Hierbas de Mallorca Conditioner:

Ideal for the most rebellious of locks, with this conditioner you can achieve silky smooth tresses. Enriched with pure aloe vera extract, whose vitamins, amino acids and nutrients provide extra vitality and brilliance for your hair.